TZ-HCP-300 Automatic Paper Napkin Packing Machine

It’s the ancillary equipment for production of paper napkins, normally used to match the high speed napkin machine, like TZ-CJ-H-2L

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Sinowise Machinery is known as one of the leading TZ-HCP-300 Automatic Paper Napkin Packing Machine manufacturers and suppliers in China. With the aid of advanced equipment and quality imported raw materials, we are able to offer you excellent quality TZ-HCP-300 Automatic Paper Napkin Packing Machine which comes in high accuracy, reliable performance, and easy maintenance.

TZ-HCP-300 Automatic Paper Napkin Packing Machine

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Hi, dears, welcome to visit our Paper Napkin Packing Machine, this is Mr. Tony Hong, the chief designer of it, please allow me to give you its briefs as below:

It’s the ancillary equipment for production of paper napkins, normally used to match the high speed napkin machine, like TZ-CJ-H-2L;

As an automatic machine, you just put the napkins onto the conveyor, and then machine can pack automatically by PE film, packing speed up to 100packs/min., a quite efficient machine;

Main parameters are set in the LCD touch screen, very easy to operate.


Main Features:

l  Adopt packing ways of wrapping, hemming and sealing with compact structure suitable for packing regularly square objects such as paper towel and paper box with relatively low tightness.

l  Adopt frequency conversion infinite variable speed control system, touch panel and PLC and clearer Human machine interface with easier maintenance.

l  Adopt automatic ordering and conveying tail stock easy to be connected with automatic production line and significantly labor cost effective.

l  Minimize the waste of packing materials by automatic detecting and servo tracking of electric eye and stop feeding case of empty envelope.

l  High automation, high professional, high efficiency and low troubles.

l  Broad packing scope and rapid change among different sizes.

Applicable Scope:

Applicable for the outer package of regular square objects such as soft drawing paper towel, napkin, general rectangular paper towel, paper box, etc.

Main Parameters:

Machine Model


Packing Specifications


100-230mm (customized)


90-150mm (customized)


40-100mm (customized)

Packing Speed


Total Weight


Outline Dimensions


Heating Power


Motor Power


Max. Packing Dimensions


Packing Materials

Double-side heat sealing membrane such as CPP, PE, OPP/CPP, PT/PE, KOP/CPP, etc.

Power Supply

380V, 50HZ

For more technical details, pictures, and video please contact us…


Aftersales Service: we will send engineers / technicians to make commissioning at buyer’s factory, train the works well, and also supply the technical support for free and spare parts at good price always;

Guarantee Period: one year. During the Guarantee Period, the seller guarantee to solve all problems may occur due to machine's quality or wrong design, and to provide all necessary spare parts for repair, Seller can send the Technician to Buyer's factory on seller's account if problem is serious and can't be solved by Buyer;

Payment Terms: 30% by T/T as deposit, 70% after machine is ready before delivery;

Lead Time: 40~50 working days;

Packing: in seaworthy wooden case.


Yours Sincerely,


Mr. Tony Hong

Chief Engineer

Sinowise Solutions,

DaCoo Group


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