Paper Serviette Machine

1.Machine model:TZ-CJ
2.Machine speed:80~120m/Min. or 500~600sheets/Min.
3.MOQ: 1set

Product Details

Paper Serviette Machine

paper serviette machine

It uses jumbo rolls as raw paper to process various sizes of napkin paper.  The machine start from raw material feeding,  folding and cutting to form to be one line , and then packaging. The product is of sanitation and cleanness. If the customer need to produce various kind sizes of napkin paper , the customer need to order the machine. Take TZ-CJ-275 for example, this machine can produce the unfolded napkin paper is 275mmx275mm. While TZ-CJ-330, this machine can produce the unfolded napkin paper is 330mmx330mm. So do others. We also accept orders according to clients’ request.


Paper Serviette Machine of Main Features:

l  With Steel to rubber Calender unit, embossing can be steel to felted roller, paper roller or rubber roller

(Choose one)

l  After the paper web is unwinding, it will be sent to the calender unit, then embossing unit. 

l  Can manually adjust the paper web tension 

l  Machine will stop automatically at the paper web wind up the folding roller.

l  The gap between two folding&cutting rollers can be adjusted according to different plies and GSM.


Paper Serviette Machine of Main Parameters:

1.      Diameter: ≤1100mm

2.      GSM:  1~3 ply tissue paper with 18~25GSM each ply

3.      Core Diameter76.2mm

4.      Width: 240mm

5.      Steel to rubber roller (embossing pattern is customized)  

6.      Mechanical pressing control (pneumatic type is available)

7.      Folding type: folding type can be customized

8.      Drawing and feeding paper, can adjust the folding tension after embossing

9.    Machine speed: 80~120 m/min. or 500~600 sheets/min.

Popular Sizes: 200×200mm, 230×230mm, 240×240mm, 250×250mm, 275×275mm, 300×300mm, 330×330mm, 400×400mm, 460×460mm


Q1: Why choose our machine?
A: 1. High quality with competitive price.
     2. 24 Hours Online Service
     3. 12 Months quality warranty
     4. Engineers available to service machinery overseas

Q2: How to operate and maintain the machine?
A: 1. We will provide a professional and detailed
USER GUIDE to you with the machine;
     2. We also provide abroad technical training service.

Q3: Do you have QC or any safety standards for machine?
A: Yes, we have established a highly strict quality control department to guarantee good quality.

Q4: How to find the matching accessories or wearing parts of the machine?
A: You can buy it from us with favorable price or from other place near you, most of our accessories and wearing parts are standard for you.

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