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Tissue Paper In The Future Market

Oct 10, 2016

Use of waste-paper is green industry, State policy to encourage waste paper recovery in domestic exports and the production of waste products such as wrapping paper, to increase employment and promote the development of circular economy in paper industry equipment supplies.

Because the industry there are still products and raw material structure is irrational, follow the blind investment and low-level duplicated construction and disorderly competition issues such as printing technology. Industry must develop strategies for sustainable development in central China.

NBS Chief Economist Yao Jingyuan said that now that China's economy is stabilizing with good stage Central printing. But we achieved cannot be blindly optimistic about materials market. Because our Foundation is not strong, our structure is not balanced, our development process and uncertainty of material.

China National light industry information Center Assistant Director Guo yongxin, the paper industry experts pointed out that stormy effects of the international financial crisis on the industry has been printing market. But the industry has not completely come out of the shadows, winding along equipment supplies.

Tissue paper industry printing tools to establish innovation system. Future tissue market is big, but the traditional way is not material. Chinese enterprises should make good use of China as a big market, increase the input of sales channels, and to establish their own brand printing Union.