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The Domestic Development Of Household Paper

Oct 10, 2016

According to the Chinese paper industry market report on strategic planning and investment analysis and statistics, in 2010, the China paper industry enterprises above designated size 146, rose 2.1%; industrial output up to 32.491 billion yuan, an increase of 38%; sales income of 31.749 billion yuan, an increase of 40.71%; total profit of 2.153 billion yuan.

At present, most paper companies most household paper raw material imports. 2010 Chile earthquake impact on the 8% of global market pulp supplies and 14% of China's pulp imports with paper-making powers Finland strikes sparked international paper prices, varieties of household paper prices have been more than 10 years of price highs. Tissue paper prices let pulp and paper manufacturers have had to scale back production, tightening inventory.

The crunch in the short term is not expected to reverse. The medium and long term, tissue paper prices rose probability is larger. According to estimates 2011-2015 are interested in production of pulp and paper production capacity reached 46 million tons in China, is expected to add 11.3 million tons of hardwood pulp demand, 3.8 million tons of demand for softwood pulp. 2010-2015 new production could reach 14 million tons of hardwood pulp, softwood pulp is 1.5 million tons, but in 2011-2012 during the new pulp line more, mostly in production after 2013. Therefore, the rising price trend within the tissue 2011-2012.

International paper prices stay high had a subtle impact on the domestic paper industry. Under pressure from the cost of imported raw materials, homemade high rate pulp company has certain advantages in cost control, some small paper-making enterprises will be inefficient were eliminated. Therefore, the paper if you want to survive in the fierce competition, to consider increasing investment in the pulp and paper industry, help control costs, increase business profits.