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Summary Of The Household Paper

Oct 10, 2016

Recently, the APP Group decided to change life direction of paper investment, shifting the emphasis from mainland China gradually transferred to Indonesian market. It is learned that the APP 1.064 million tons of tissue paper production capacity in Indonesia. APP China Hainan production in 2014, 2 sets of annual output of 27,000 tons of toilet paper machine in 2015 in xiaogan factory (Hubei Province), Suzhou (Jiangsu Province) were put into operation with an annual output of 60,000 tons of tissue paper machine. Currently, the APP to life in China with total capacity has reached 1.64 million tons of paper. Together, APP Group's life with a total capacity of about 2.7 million tons of paper.

Heng 2016 tissue growth in revenue 5% in the first half, below the growth 14% of Vader, but similar. In August, Heng (China) paper II high-grade household paper and the first production line of Heng PM19 machine power trial, Heng on year total capacity has reached 1.08 million tons. 2016-2017 Heng plans to put into operation 6 daily paper production lines, production capacity increased by 360,000 tonnes, total capacity reached 1.38 million tons.

In 2013, the Vader SCA together in 2014, acquisition security cleaning in 2015, starting "life and health supplies strategy", bigger and stronger household paper business. Currently, Vida has been in 7 cities across the country have invested in 9 factories, and Zhuhai (Yangjiang) project will be put into operation in 2017, ten production bases. Display in 2016 Vader in the Chinese mainland in the first half year paper the design capacity of 950,000 tons, is expected in 2016 and the second half of the extra production capacity of 90,000 tons, that by 2016 annual design capacity will rise to 1.04 million tons.

On July 11, 2016, Shun clean soft raised 2016 are released first-half results announcement: company 16 first half of net profit 115%-135%, 98.4517 million-107.61 million Yuan profit. Shun in 2013 and 2015 have expanded the capacity to 100,000 tons in Chengdu, Sichuan, Guangdong yunfu 2014 to increase the production base of 120,000 tons, making the tissue paper production capacity reached 476,000 tons. In June 2016, Shun in Sichuan and expansion of annual production capacity of 60,000 tons of high-grade household paper items production. Currently, the layout of the CIS has already formed a national production base.