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Paper Business Inventories At The End Of An Emergency After The G20 Summit Paper Prices Will Rise

Oct 10, 2016

Recently, the paper packaging industry chain research group (hereinafter "research team"), a group of more than 10 people visited Zhejiang and Shanghai market, to field paper packaging and raw materials on all aspects of the current reality, the G20 Summit's impact on the market, and to effectively anticipate the market trend in the fourth quarter. Most paper companies limiting 50%, Zhejiang, during the G20 Summit, as of now most of the paper business inventories remained at low levels, four-quarter selling season, prices are still rising at the end of space.

Shanghai import company of renewable resources: the overall performance of the four quarter of imported waste paper is expected to be smooth
Shanghai imported waste paper trade enterprise focus, involves multiple areas such as Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Shandong and the central supply of imported waste paper, in waste paper imported links is essential.

Research team for talks with local renewable resources import company, learned about developments in the four quarter of imported waste paper. SMEs importing waste paper is limited by the ring that the procurement is relatively conservative, leading enterprises for compensatory procurement after the G20 Summit, will lead a wave of market.
But at the same time, in the United States domestic recovery relative stability, under the influence of factors such as exchange rate relatively stable, and overall performance of the four quarter of imported waste paper is expected to be smooth, from 2015 to reduce imports marginally.

Jiangsu enterprises: light weight, high-strength products are enterprise demand trends
Research Group's second stop was a large packaging enterprises in Jiangsu Province, aims to downstream enterprises to understand the current status of packaging paper, provide guidance to business and clients.
Research team learned that intensification are gradually improving the packaging industry, packaging industry has a good trend. Meanwhile, fresh food, beverage and rapid development of the express package industry, provides strong support for paper demand, more optimistic about future prospects.