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Intercomparison Of Diapers

Oct 10, 2016

Comparison between traditional nappies and diapers:

A lot of people under the influence of traditional theory of diapers, think better diapers than diapers: aeration, moisture and strong, not easy to have a diaper rash. I think that this traditional theory is necessary to scientifically analyze to re-examine its correctness.

All the babies in diapers, cotton diapers with the longest history. From what I can remember, the impression of cotton diapers for children. Now we all know that synthetic fabrics can irritate a baby's skin, water absorption is not good, so now it's a diaper made of cotton fabric ...

Because of the traditional use of diapers is not easy and not health, disposable diapers should be, and in recent years to new parents loved, disposable diapers, portable, without cleaning, easy to replace, but baby has allergic skin must be replaced, otherwise easily lead to baby red butt.

Bamboo fiber diapers are used more and popular diaper, is characterized by soft and breathable, with antibacterial function, easy to smell, easy to clean and so on, were welcomed by the mother, but compared to cloth diapers, the higher the price. Cloth diapers from diapers, baby fart better, but bring inconvenience. Cherry baby cloth diaper

The biggest manifestation of human progress in science and technology. Artificial intelligence such as diapers and sanitary pads of paper, are one important manifestation of human technology. These products are not only convenient for some things, but also provides more advanced health care.