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Industrial Wiping Paper Is Made Of What?

Oct 10, 2016

Industrial wipe paper is used long fiber pulp or no spinning cloth material made, economic, and health, and quality stable, inventory not accounted for space, absorption force strong, not injury objects surface, not off hair chip, no electrostatic produced, and can tie solvent, liquid with using, and by special design, for different using environment, has different of take with way, regardless of is in machine processing industry in the, mechanical equipment, and products, and tool Shang of oil, and water, liquid of wipe or dust of clean; also is in laboratory, and research, and laboratory, and no dust room, industry in the, Glass instrument, and instrument of clean, and wipe, or oil agent, and chemical reagents, liquid of wipe, electronic factory, and instrument manufacturing, and semiconductor Assembly, and computer assembled, industry of clean, and wipe; advertising printing ink of wipe, network version of cleaning wipe; food, and pharmaceutical industry in the machine equipment of maintenance maintenance, and table of clean, and wipe, are is essential of wipe material; while, is family clean wipe in the of best select. Therefore, is widely used in printing, electronics, machinery, electrical machinery, tooling, automotive, aviation, petrochemical, laboratory, plastic, laboratory, laboratories, clean rooms, food, pharmaceutical ......
(Industrial wipe paper) industrial wipe products industry in China is a new of industry, it belongs to industrial supplies, although in European, in United States, in Taiwan, it has has has nearly more than 50 years of history, in Europe, wipe paper is is General of products, in any a hardware electromechanical store are can buy to. but with foreign-funded enterprises of constantly influx China inland, especially coastal areas, on wipe products of needs in constantly of growth, China has huge of industrial wipe products market and opportunities.