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Household Paper Identification Procedure

Oct 10, 2016

Identification method for appearance of loose, uneven texture and even irregular holes (to avoid suspicions, usually after embossing process) and feel rough, or overly creamy (add talcum powder); color white or stained, shredded dust particles, packaging, rude or origin are not known. On the market there are a number of small brand tissue product packaging while tagging raw material for wood pulp 100%, in fact, just about 30% 's original blend of pulp and recycled pulp, quality improvement, but still not the healthy choice for consumers.

In addition to raw materials, but also the important second step, it is physical and chemical indicators. Many consumers choose household paper blind pursuit of brand, the pursuit of fine, pure or savory, and ignore what we really need is its use as well as our own health, as everyone knows, is the selling point of these headline of lurking dangers. Some vendors catering to consumers, at excessive use or added industrial material, to make tissue paper shouldn't have character.