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Health Standards For Household Paper

Oct 10, 2016

Daily paper with the daily lives of each of us every day, we take for daily necessities, is everyone staying healthy is very important part, is one of the links. Tissue paper is healthy or not, the raw materials used is a critical first step. Is paper raw materials pulp of selection, now market Shang common of life with paper many are is with recycling paper regeneration manufacturing of, because price cheap full with market, damage with many unknown story consumers of health, strictly for this recycling pulp is not allows processing life with paper of; because pulp raw materials source is wide, even including with had of health towel, and newspaper and the other waste paper,, by recycling bleaching Hou was some small factory or black dens illegal manufacturing, last circulation to market Shang. The Act disgusting, makes people even more angry, to remind consumers to their own health, should refuse to buy this type of tissue.

Health life with paper of standard actually is simple, that is selection quality of raw materials, and in processing process in the optimization process, put an end to two times pollution, and needed after special disinfection sterilization processing; and real achieved up except need a enterprise of sense and sense yiwai, more need has strong of industry based, advanced of processing equipment and processing process, because life with paper often contact of is people sensitive parts of skin.

Do not use bleach and other harmful agents, such as: World poison "dioxin".