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Diaper Selection Methods

Oct 10, 2016

Diaper rash is a mixture of urine and stools and cloth diapers (or poor quality diaper) on skin irritation and inflammation caused by friction from the genitals to buttocks appear red, skin can become rough, even tiny pimples. Small butt long prickly heat, while using gas-tight or poor quality cloth diapers diapers, can also cause diaper rash. So, pick good diaper is important, here to introduce codes of seven select diapers:

Absorptive capacity
Absorbs quickly, reduces the time of urine and in contact with skin, reduces the probability of a baby suffering from diaper rash naturally incorporates, can reduce the frequency and less disturb sleeping baby.

Dry and no leakage
Choose dry and no leakage, so as to let sleeping baby is unable to sleep peacefully by the wet diaper and also reduce the chance of suffering from diaper rash.

Nourishing protective layer
High quality diapers in the surface layer of non-woven fabric will add natural skin care ingredients, forming a soft protective layer containing emollients and nourishing your baby's delicate skin.

Leak-proof design
Select diapers with leak-proof design, it prevents the baby's feces seeping. While leak surrounding whether or not too tight in the leg and the baby is not feeling well.

Soft texture
Baby's skin is delicate, if the diaper is not soft, easy and friction on your baby's skin, causing butt turns red, and even be worn, so the texture is selection important aspects.

Lightweight breathable
Babies excrete is not law, it was difficult to grasp by new parents, so when in the selection of diapers, and choose breathable lightweight diaper.

Each baby is different shape, should choose the baby's own pattern design, such as u-skin design, MOM it is best to buy smaller packages, tried several times to find the right brand.