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Diaper Development

Oct 10, 2016

Now, many parents pay attention to selection of diapers, diapers are constantly improving and developing, along with consumers ' increasing demand for the diapers, competition between brands is more and more obvious, and future trends in diapers then what is it? 2013CBME exhibition to learn about future development trend of diapers.
Diaper production techniques are constantly improving, has risen from the initial unilateral leak-proof, absorbs urine of a single function, improved into a leak-proof breathable, absorbing bacterial, and increase the scale elastic waist, stereo leak-proof insulation and many other features. In addition to the above changes, the future, diaper product development trends in the industry, we may be from the 2013CBME exhibition is on display at home and abroad diaper brands seen in some shape.
Diaper change in the core layer is thinner, lighter, more narrow. Absorbent core layer are important factors to measure merits a diaper. In the past time, diaper core layer of the overall trend is toward narrower, thinner and lighter direction. Whether foreign brands, or domestic brands, launch new products are ultra thin, very thin, very thin as the propaganda point.