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Innovator of New Technology

We are always on the way to improve the technology on various tissue machines, diaper machines, woman sanitary napkin machines……

Aviation Plug-1Aviation Plug-2
Aviation Plug-1.jpgAviation Plug-2.jpg
Cola Pants MachineFree Adjustment Backstand
Cola Pants Machine.jpgFree Adjustment Backstand.jpg
Frictioning Type Glue LaminatorHigh Precisive Calender
Frictioning Type Glue Laminator-.jpgHigh Precisive Calender.jpg
New Type Jumbo Roll CutterNew Type Paper Towel Cutter
New Type Jumbo Roll Cutter.jpgNew Type Paper Towel Cutter-.jpg
Paper Napkins Dividing SystemPoint to Flat Embosser-1
Paper Napkins Dividing System.jpgPoint to Flat Embosser-1.jpg
Point to Flat Embosser-2Satellite Type Printer
Point to Flat Embosser-2.jpgSatellite Type Printer.jpg