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​What is the right choice for paper machine equipment?

Apr 22, 2019

What is the right choice for paper machine equipment?

Paper-drawing is a kind of sanitary paper that combines practicality and aesthetics. Now we use it in almost any place of consumption, and the amount of paper used and sales are getting bigger and bigger. At present, the paper market has great prospects and less competition. Now investing in paper processing is a very good choice. For those who are new to the paper-making industry, the purchase of paper machine is a certain knowledge. First of all, it is necessary to determine the equipment purchased according to its own processing needs. There are many varieties in the industry, and the standards are different. For those who want to purchase a guaranteed paper machine, what should be learned from it? Here, Dingcheng paper machinery industry insiders will explain to customers for your reference.

First, determine the model and size of the machine before purchase. The model and size determine the price of the paper machine. Under the same configuration, the larger the width of the paper, the higher the price of the paper machine. For the model selection, generally 180 and 175 Is the best choice, after all, the profit of making paper towels is not very high!

According to the packaging of the paper, the market is divided into soft paper and box paper. The difference between the two is mainly reflected in the shape packaging. The paper produced is produced by the paper machine, for the price of the paper machine. Mainly look at the model and size of the paper machine, the current three-row, five-row, seven-row paper machine, the number of rows is not the same, the price is not the same, the greater the number of rows, the higher the price!

From the configuration point of view, if there is no embossing, several layers of rear frame, what kind of fan, whether it is frequency conversion, etc., it is the price factor of the paper machine, so the purchase equipment not only depends on the number of machines, but more important It is to look at the configuration and performance of the machine.

The paper machine is technically more complicated than the toilet paper rewinder. He requires higher precision and more stability! If the paper machine is not the right choice, it is a pile of scrap iron, so you should not only buy the paper machine. To the manufacturer's comparison, it is more important to visit the customer to see the on-site processing, and listen to how the customer tells you! If the manufacturer's paper machine is good enough and the quality is hard enough, it is not afraid that the customer will make irresponsible remarks!

Secondly, the user should not only look at the external features and price of the machine when purchasing the paper machine, but also consider its internal quality, not to be misled by the exaggeration of the company; good paper machine The characteristics are fast working speed, strong stability and long service life. The most important thing is whether the processed products meet their own needs.

In addition, no matter how good the equipment is in the process of use, it is impossible to not fail. In order to buy a high-quality paper machine, it is best to let the manufacturer provide 1-2 to visit. Not only can you see the processing flow of paper-pulling, but more importantly, it depends on the stability of the machine, the speed of production and the finished product. After all, practice is the only criterion for testing the truth!

In short, when you buy a paper machine, you need to have a good understanding of it, and a lot of inspections, when buying, will not suffer. In order to have a place in the local paper-making market, we must ensure that the quality of the products produced is excellent and the packaging is beautiful. These are related to the paper-making equipment, so we need to work harder when choosing the paper machine.