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What is the difference between solid core toilet paper and hollow roll paper?

Sep 21, 2018

Roll paper generally refers to toilet paper used in the bathroom, kitchen paper used in the kitchen, and “roll paper” used as a napkin in a small restaurant. These three kinds of paper are processed by a rewinding machine, but they use The rewinder is somewhat different. The toilet paper and roll paper are mainly processed by the toilet paper rewinder. The kitchen paper uses a special kitchen paper rewinder because of its own characteristics. In addition, the requirements of the use environment make The raw materials for the production of these three kinds of papers are also different. The toilet paper mainly uses the toilet. In order not to block the urinal, it is required to be extremely thin and extremely fragile. When it encounters water, it will rot, and it can also achieve environmental protection purposes. The main function of paper is to clean the kitchen, so it can't be easily rotted like toilet paper. The paper is hard and easy to clean. Finally, it is a “napkin roll”, which is used by small restaurants to supply consumers with paper. To ensure profit, this is Paper is generally not very good, so friends who advocate eating now bring their own napkins. Paper-pulling is the box paper and soft pump that we usually use. Some people say that paper-drawing is an invention that combines practicality and beauty. It mainly divides the paper towels with higher cost into squares, stacks them on top of each other and put them in In the small mouth of the paper box, it is convenient to take one out of the mouth and bring out another one. In addition, paper has also formed an advertising form, which is more suitable for gifts and promotional items in various industries such as catering, entertainment, insurance, automobile, wine and so on. It is beautifully packaged and widely used, so it is in the car and office. Tables, home bedrooms, hotel rooms, and more are everywhere. Paper pumping is also conducive to enhancing the corporate brand image, allowing customers to remember the corporate phone, thereby increasing business turnover. The paper is required to produce 100% pure wood pulp paper without any chemical bleach, so the price is relatively high, and people with a certain income level will use it. I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of roll paper and paper. From the above explanation, we know that these two kinds of papers should not be mixed. Otherwise, some diseases may be infected. For our health, we must pay attention to these problems.