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What is the difference between roll paper and toilet paper?

Sep 21, 2018

Paper towels are a must for life, and we use or touch them every day. But most people take paper towels seriously, no matter what quality, no matter what the quality of the brand, as long as it can be used to deal with dirty things, they are the same in their eyes. It is normal for many people to use paper for wiping their mouths and paper for toilets. In fact, different papers are very different, even the production national standard is different.

Toilet paper carries the word "hygienic" and feels cleaner paper, but in fact it is right to understand "health" as "toilet". In other words, the place where the toilet paper is applied is the bathroom!

Hygiene level: tissue paper > toilet paper. At the hygiene level, tissue paper is of course higher than toilet paper. Toilet paper has lower requirements for bacterial detection than tissue paper, and there is no limit to the total number of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and fungal colonies.

From the perspective of pulp raw materials, toilet paper and paper towels can use waste paper raw materials, that is, recycled paper, while paper towels and kitchen paper must use raw pulp. From the perspective of hygiene standards, ie microbiological indicators, toilet paper and paper towels are not as strict as paper towels and kitchen paper. For example, the total number of bacterial colonies in the former is not more than 600 per gram of paper, and the latter is not allowed to exceed 200. Moreover, the production workshops for tissue paper and kitchen paper must be sterilized and isolated according to the standard of disposable hygiene products, while toilet paper and paper towels have no special requirements.

Therefore, toilet paper and paper towels can not be used to wipe the mouth, nor can it be used to rub fruits, wipe dishes and other items that directly touch the mouth. Tissue paper and kitchen paper can be said to be the highest hygiene standards, can be used to wipe the mouth, and can also be used by babies.