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What equipment is needed for a small processing plant that produces thin paper?

Mar 21, 2019

Many of my friends want to open a processing factory. After many aspects of understanding, the tissue processing factory is more reliable, but there are still some problems. For example, what equipment is needed for a small processing plant that produces paper towels? Let me share this content with you and hope to help everyone.

Paper towels are something that is needed for many occasions, such as family, hotel, KTV, hotel, etc. The types of tissue currently sold are toilet paper and paper. Toilet paper is familiar to everyone. It is rolled and generally consists of three or four layers of toilet paper stock. It can be used when you use it. The other one is a thesis. It is also very convenient during the process of using a piece of paper. It will be taken out and pulled out the next time it is used. Usually, there are soft paper and carton paper.

The small processing plant that produces toilet paper uses three machines, the 1880 toilet paper rewinder, the band saw paper cutter and the water-cooled sealer. The equipment can process toilet paper raw materials below 2.2 meters and produce for 8 hours. The quantity is about 2 tons. Usually, this machine is used in small and medium-sized tissue paper processing plants. If it is a large tissue paper processing plant, consider using a three-meter toilet paper rewinder. The paper cutter can be equipped with a rotary cutter. Using a horizontal packaging machine, the machine is about 3 tons in accordance with the normal 8-hour working time.

Small processing plants that produce paper are usually equipped with three rows of paper machines and flexible packaging machines. It can process 1 ton of paper in 8 hours. If the production efficiency is relatively high, you can use five lines. Or a seven-row paper machine, then buy a fully automatic paper-cutting machine, followed by a fully automatic paper-drawing three-dimensional packaging machine, but this machine is much more expensive than a small paper machine - making equipment. In addition, toilet paper and paper can be carried out at the same time, but more money is needed, or one of them can be done according to local market conditions. When the development reaches a certain size, the other will be completed, so the pressure will be smaller.

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