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What are the tips and pitfalls of buying a toilet paper machine or a napkin machine?

Mar 21, 2019

How many ways do you buy toilet paper equipment or napkin machines?

Misunderstanding 1: Listening to friends and advertisements, it is recommended to go to the toilet paper rewinding machine manufacturer to visit it personally, which is convenient for future mechanical after-sales service. Myth 2: The machine functions are similar, the cheaper the better. Nowadays, the competition in the processing industry is becoming more and more fierce. Every year, the equipment will be replaced and the equipment with low price will not only have a short life, but also the products made without market competitiveness. Misunderstanding 3: In the process of rewinding, only speed is not required. Speed is important, but it is more important that the product is not up to standard, so you must choose a manufacturer with high processing accuracy. Misunderstanding 4: The processing industry has low profit and chooses used equipment. Second-hand machines not only have no after-sales manufacturers, but also have certain problems in second-hand equipment. There is no industry standard for prices, and there is no uniform specification. It is easy to buy three products.

So how to choose a cost-effective toilet paper rewinder, here to give the following advice to customers:

First, choose the machine, to the regular manufacturers, through the formal channels, can not be convinced of excessive advertising.

Second, remember to eat small and cheap to eat big losses. The quality of the whole machine is determined by the quality of the raw materials of the manufacturing machine. The cheaper machines are often more favored by customers, but as the saying goes, "Wool is on the sheep", it is recommended that customers do not want to be cheap, and thus tens of thousands of themselves. The Yuan machine eventually became a pile of scrap iron.

Third, before the purchase of the machine, mainly on the field. What do you want to see at the manufacturer? First, see if the manufacturer is formal and whether it has production qualifications. Second, look at the size of the factory, whether it has the ability to mass-produce the machine, only with this ability, the machine is guaranteed after sale. Third, look at the entire production, assembly, and operation of the machine. Because only in the process of manufacturing the machine, you can see that the materials used by the manufacturer are qualified, and the differences between the parts used by each manufacturer can also be used to understand the grade of the toilet paper rewinding machine you purchased.

 Fourth, the most critical point: after-sales service. Good manufacturers not only pay attention to equipment quality, but also pay attention to after-sales service.