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What are the reasons for the transverse fracture of N95 mask base band?

Jun 10, 2020

What are the reasons for the transverse fracture of N95 mask base band?

1. Some parts of N95 mask machine 2113 can have some protruding idler groove 5261 angle, which may lead to 4102 line fracture on chip baseband, thus 1653 leads to belt transverse fracture.

2. No matter whether it is caused by the above reasons that the baseband of N95 respirator is broken or whatever, when the baseband of respirator is broken continuously, it should be shut down for inspection. After careful examination, we can find the reason for the crosscutting.

3. There are some abnormal adhesives on the surface of the driving electric roller, the tensioning electric roller and the driven electric roller, which make the baseband surface of N95 respirator have many bulges of different sizes, which is easy to cause a large cross-section of the baseband of the respirator, thus leading to cross-section.

4. In order to avoid this situation of 3, it is necessary to clean the foreign matters in the basement regularly. Note the following when bonding to the chip baseband at room temperature:

(1) First of all, understand the performance, operation and use method of the bonding chip baseband, select the appropriate adhesive;

(2) According to the structure and composition of N95 mask baseband, as well as the stress situation, the form and size of the joint shall be designed reasonably. Joints shall be firmly bonded to ensure high strength. In addition, cold bonding is limited to the substrate at a temperature below 100 degrees, and the viscosity and degree of the nylon sheet baseband used to transport the hot material will no longer exist.