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Toilet Paper Processing Process and Notices

Jul 12, 2019

Toilet Paper Processing Process and Notices

Many people used to want to do toilet paper processing, but the performance of the toilet paper rewinder is not very clear, some customers do not know the working process, in order to facilitate you to have a preliminary understanding of toilet paper rewinding, now simply to describe the processing process of the machine and the matters needing attention:

The toilet paper rewinder needs at most one person

According to the configuration of Hengyuan toilet paper rewinder, if the toilet paper rewinder is fully automatic, then the machine basically does not need manual work. After the normal operation of the paper, the staff can be arranged to work elsewhere. To make coreless roll paper, the machine does not need manual operation; to make coreless roll paper machine, one needs to change the iron rod back and forth in the head part of the machine; to make toilet paper roll paper with paper tube, if the machine has the function of automatic dropping paper tube, it does not need manual operation to place large bundles of paper tube at one time, otherwise, one needs to place paper tube in the head of the machine; if toilet paper rewinding, one needs to place paper tube in the head of the machine The machine is semi-automatic, so the machine must be operated by one person.

Band saw paper cutter needs only one person

Long strips of rolled paper from toilet paper rewinder need to be cut by band saw paper cutter to become standard rolls in our market, and this process can be completed by only one person.

Packing requires 2-3 people

After cutting by band saw paper cutter, we get customized standard toilet paper rolls, at this time the work to be done is packaging. If the space is large and the packing time is not limited, it is possible to use one person or more to pack. Generally speaking, two or three people are enough to keep up with an automatic toilet paper rewinder. If there are not too many people, then the front toilet paper rewinder can stop first, and the person who has finished cutting can pack.

However, in the process of rewinding toilet paper, it is always very casual, regardless of safety awareness. It is very dangerous to do so. The main points for attention in rewinding toilet paper are as follows:

Firstly, the staff with good eyesight should be arranged at the upper gate, because this position is closer to the cutting knife, and accidents are easily caused by carelessness.

Second, the toilet paper rewinder should pay attention to maintenance on time, overhaul, find abnormal parts to be replaced in time.

Thirdly, toilet paper rewinder has a life span of five to seven years. The life of toilet paper rewinder produced by Hengyuan is generally about ten years, which should be eliminated in time after exceeding its service life.