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Toilet paper processing equipment requires major daily problems and solutions

Mar 21, 2019

The following are some of the main daily problems and solutions for toilet paper processing equipment.

1, can not move the cut point

possible reason:

1: The drive system is blocked;

2: The cutter mounting mechanism gear is blocked;

Solution: wash frequently


2, the point lock is not tight

possible reason:

1: Valve damage;

2: The hydraulic system is damaged;

3: the air pressure supplement is interrupted;

4: The air pressure is too low;

Solution: daily inspection of the inflation valve


3, high speed rewinding machine circular knife can not be engaged

possible reason:

1: There is a problem with the arrangement of the pneumatic tires;

2: The distance between the round knife and the bottom knife is too large

Solution: Bearing pin or pneumatic tire blockage

4, high-speed rewinding machine round knife beats on the bottom knife

possible reason:

1: the longitudinal overlap is too small;

2: The contact pressure is too high;

3: The cutter becomes dull;

4: The cutter is damaged.


5, high speed rewinding machine round knife can not rotate freely

possible reason:

1: cutter bearing damage;

2: The paper edge is crushed and clogged

6, the paper can not be removed

possible reason:

1: the paper side fan is closed;

2: The flue is not properly adjusted;

3: Ducted pipe