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The use of tampons

Oct 10, 2016

   Usage of sanitary towels: one is a strip on both sides without "ears". The sanitary napkins, as long as the ripped bag, remove the pads and expand, then tore off the sanitary napkin paper strip of the opposite side (this tape is to prevent adhesion of sanitary pads packaging is, no other use can be thrown away after the tear), side alignment of plastic sanitary napkin panty crotch stuck to the underwear and sanitary napkins in place.

   Use of sanitary napkins, II: another sanitary napkin is a strip in the Middle, on either side of a "ears" and sanitary napkins, this usage is, opening the package, remove the pads, first remove the middle of the tape, glued to the plastic side panty crotch, two ears at the crotch of one Department. Then tore left "ear" back of that small block stick paper posted, put "ear" from underwear left most narrow at anti-folding to underwear crotch positive stick prison, then in tore another side "ear" back of stick paper posted, from underwear crotch most narrow at right anti-folding to underwear crotch positive fixed, because has health towel bottom rubber sex of stick with, again plus "ear" from sides of fixed, health towel on will was firmly of stick in underwear bottom has, in activities Shi on more not easy shift.