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Storage methods for sanitary napkins

Oct 10, 2016

   Pads needed to be stored in a dry, sterile environment, and has a certain validity. If the storage of sanitary napkins damp or too long, even if it is not opened will be deterioration or contamination. General sanitary napkins for non-woven cloth, fiber materials, humidity material deterioration, bacteria easily invade and reproduction; sanitary napkins is using high temperature sterilization methods and achieve a sterile, disposable sterilization validity period is limited, and time there would be no guarantee of sterility. Therefore, when you use a sanitary napkin, pay attention to valid, one-time purchase will not be too much, 

Not to mention the family hide. After unpacking the sanitary napkins should be placed in a dry, clean, sterile environment, damp and should not be used after the expiration.