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Pulping process of ordinary waste pape

Jul 12, 2019

Pulping process of ordinary waste paper:

1. After unpacking and removing the iron wire, the waste paper is transported to the hydraulic pulper for crushing. The hydraulic pulper beats and deinks the waste paper, and the pulp after deinking is flowed into the pulp tank.

2. Pulp is lifted from pulp pool to high frequency vibrating screen by pulp pump. High frequency vibrating screen plays the role of screening and separating impurities. The screened pulp flows into pulp pool.

3. Pulp is extracted from pulp pool by pulp extraction pump into circular net concentrator. The circular net concentrator mainly improves pulp concentration by concentrating, while concentrating, it can also achieve the purpose of washing pulp. The pulp after concentrating is flowing into pulp pool.

4. Pulp is lifted into the rinsing machine by the pulp extracting pump to wash the pulp clean and bleach the pulp. The bleached pulp flows into the pulp tank automatically.

5. Pulp is pumped into a pulp refiner by a pulp refiner, which then automatically flows into the pulp tank.

6. Pulp is lifted into a sand sink by a pulping pump. The sand sink separates impurities such as sand ash and other impurities into pure pulp.

7. Pulp is pumped into the pressure box by the pulping pump. The function of the pressure box is to adjust the pulp concentration.

8. After the pulp is pulped in the pressure box and removed by the sand removal pump twice, the pulp is put into the stable headbox, and then the pulp is re-pulped to make pure pulp.