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Notes on the use of toilet paper machine

Oct 19, 2019

Notes on the use of toilet paper machine

In the process of using the toilet paper machine, there should be fixed personnel responsible for the care of the operators who must have a certain level of technology. Before the installation of the toilet paper machine, necessary technical training must be provided to the operators to make them understand the principle and performance of the toilet paper machine and be familiar with the operating procedures. The cardboard and packaging board stacked in the toilet paper machine processing place shall not be more than 1.5m high and shall not be skewed. The packaging board shall not be placed vertically to prevent overturning and hurting people.

It is not allowed to sit, sleep and rely on the paper stack. When opening the lifting platform of the toilet paper machine, a notice shall be given first to prevent the injured from being injured during the transportation process of the paper truck. Attention shall be paid to the ground obstacles to prevent the paper pile from dumping and hurting people. When the paper truck is out of service, the handle must be put slowly and not thrown down to prevent injury. When handling the packaging board, be careful of wooden thorn to prevent skin injury. Wear protective gloves to prevent the toilet paper machine from picking up. Pay attention to the forklift when cutting the cardboard to prevent the site from being hit and the handling department from keeping the site clean and the road unblocked. Remove the scrap of the packing sheet iron and the damaged packing plate in time to prevent the sheet iron or nails from hurting the feet.

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