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Non manual tissue dispenser and distribution system ​

Oct 18, 2019
Non manual tissue dispenser and distribution system

Abstract: the invention relates to a distribution unit, which comprises an outer front wall, two outer walls and a shell. The shell is used to maintain a continuous length of accordion like stack layer of cotton paper or non-woven folded tissue fabric sheets, the stack layer includes a stack layer, the outer front wall includes an access to the stack layer, a distribution port of tissue fabric sheets and a feeding mechanism, the feeding mechanism includes A part, a driving unit and a brake device for controlling the distribution of the tissue web. The consumable unit includes a stack of the stack, and there is a connecting device between the stacks. The stack can be inserted into the shell of the distribution unit through the access port and added to the bottom of the stack. The tissue sheet can be distributed from the upper part of the stacking layer by the feeding mechanism, which makes the tissue sheet in the starting mode at the distribution opening.