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Market competitiveness of sanitary napkins

Apr 22, 2019

Market competitiveness of sanitary napkins

With the further development and improvement of China's market economy, changes in consumption structure and industrial structure, market competition around personal care products such as sanitary napkins has become increasingly fierce. Because sanitary napkins have a large profit prospect, especially after China's accession to the WTO, foreign sanitary napkins began to flood in, and the Chinese sanitary napkin industry is facing unprecedented competition.

Sanitary napkin brand competition has been formed to replace the price-based market competition. The brand has become a sword for enterprises to win in the business war, and the brand operation of sanitary napkins has been paid more and more attention by enterprises. Sanitary napkin brand construction is the focus of Chinese enterprises in the 21st century. The Chinese sanitary napkin consumer market will also follow the trend of demand consumption, fashion consumption and individual consumption, such as a low-to-high brand consumption demand.

In order to build a strong brand, enterprises must strengthen brand building, carry out brand management, and implement brand strategy. China's sanitary napkin industry is still in the transition period from advertising to brand stations. Most enterprises mainly rely on commercial advertisements to launch a new product. Less enterprises are shaping the overall image through brand management, and still rely mainly on products to launch brands. For many domestic companies, it is more necessary and important to create a strong sanitary napkin brand than to increase production and increase short-term benefits such as income.