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Is there a market for a processing plant that produces roll paper in the county?

Mar 21, 2019

In recent years, many friends have some money in their hands, so they are thinking about running a tissue paper processing factory in the rural hometown of the countryside. However, because they don’t understand the industry, they ask us a question, that is, to do a job in the county. Is there a market for processing plants that produce roll paper? The following Jin Dakuo Machinery will share with you the experience in this area and hope to help everyone.

Roll paper is also the common toilet paper we use. Paper is also the soft paper for plastic film packaging and the box paper for carton packaging. These two papers can account for 80% of the market in the entire tissue consumer market. Therefore, it is generally intended to be a friend of household paper processing. They all start with processing these two types of paper towels. If you are working on a small roll paper processing factory, you need a 1880 model toilet paper rewinder, a band saw. Paper cutter, a water-cooling sealing machine, an independent flattening machine, a small-sized paper-feeding factory needs a three-row paper machine and a soft-spinning hot-packing machine. The box is generally used for manual packing and hot-melt glue. Gun seal box.

We found a lot of friends who are going to do roll paper and paper processing. They are all planning to do it in rural hometowns. The main reasons are as follows. First of all, the living standards of rural people have improved. The demand for life consumables is very large, so this has formed a market, that is, the paper towel processing industry, and the second county town is a place frequented by rural friends. The traffic is large and the traffic is convenient, so this time we are in the county seat. To run such a tissue paper processing factory is just to meet everyone's demand for paper towels.

From the above analysis, we can see that the paper roll paper is a market in the county town for the needs of both men and women, and there are some advantages in choosing to do it in rural counties. For example, the factory rent is cheap, and the labor is better. The wages of workers are not high, and many people in rural areas know each other. Only the quality of the paper we make is good. After word of mouth, many friends will come to buy our products, although the volume The profit of paper-powdering is not high, but its sales volume is relatively large, and it is something that everyone can't do. As long as we work hard, it is perfectly fine to earn money to support the family.

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