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How to seize the opportunity of paper machinery during the adjustment period

Jun 21, 2019

How to seize the opportunity of paper machinery during the adjustment period

At present, the paper industry has entered an adjustment period, and the simple expansion situation based on quantity is unlikely to reappear, but the improvement of quality and efficiency will never stop. This also puts higher requirements on the equipment manufacturing industry. Develop more efficient and energy efficient equipment. The continuous optimization and transformation of existing equipment provides new opportunities for the equipment manufacturing industry, and it can be predicted that this task is a long-term process and a long-term task as the paper industry expands from quantity to quality.

At the same time, the extension of the paper industry is also developing: one is to develop towards the comprehensive utilization of biomass, such as the use of plant fibers to produce biofuels, cellulose lignin materials, etc.; the other is to develop towards paper-based functional materials, using papermaking technology to transform Optimizing the production of new materials using synthetic fibers and inorganic fibers, as well as mixed fibers, such as electronic materials, high-precision filter materials, friction materials, insulating materials, etc., also provides many opportunities for the equipment manufacturing industry, especially dispersion, forming, The development of new technologies such as special drying and hot calendering is very urgent. This provides opportunities for the equipment manufacturing industry and also puts forward new requirements.

In addition, the elimination of backward production capacity in the paper industry has also provided market space for new equipment. Among them, it is planned to eliminate 15 million tons of backward production capacity during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period. With the overcapacity of production capacity, the market is facing large-scale high-speed paper machines and equipment. Demand has been gradually reduced, which will mainly squeeze the market space of large-scale imported equipment. In the face of high cost performance and domestically produced equipment in the middle of capacity, it is a good result. From 2013 and 2014, the total output value and profit index of the paper equipment industry Still showing a relatively normal growth, it can be seen that the decline in the output speed of the paper industry has little effect on the output value and profit of the equipment manufacturing industry.

Papermaking machinery is a very unique process machinery, which is very difficult to develop in technology. The development of common performance and function determines whether it is used directly or gradually on the production line, or it is perfected after the pilot test on the test line. The former method is risky, and the latter method is expensive to invest and operate. The two development methods are currently unlikely to become the main development method of China's equipment manufacturing industry. Therefore, only the imitation method is adopted. This is a kind of The development method that has low risk and low investment has been adopted in China. From the perspective of effect, the effect is quite remarkable. But this is also a double-edged sword. With the protection of intellectual property rights and China's extensive and deep participation in world competition, in the future development process, China's paper equipment industry must continue to enhance its independent innovation capability and technological level, and form its own system of integrated innovation. .

The raw materials processed by papermaking equipment are fiber suspensions, which are not available in other industries, and there is no similar industry. It also determines the equipment used is very unique, such as screening, conveying, forming, pressing, etc. . Therefore, it is impossible to learn from other industries, and insufficient research on basic theories will inevitably lead to a slower pace of development. There must be a clear understanding of this.

Although there are many difficulties in the research and development of papermaking equipment technology, China has a huge market, and there are many kinds of advanced equipment in the world, which provides a better guarantee for the route of digestion, absorption and innovation. At the same time, there is a sound industrial chain and supporting industries. As long as it is scientifically positioned, adheres to the differentiated route, and continuously improves product quality, it is entirely possible to embark on a development path of equipment manufacturing technology with Chinese characteristics.

The "One Belt, One Road" strategy that China is vigorously promoting will greatly influence China's economic development. With the gradual implementation of this strategy, the region's economy will surely achieve greater development, and a vast market will emerge, which will be exported to China's industry and equipment. To create favorable conditions, the paper industry, as an industry closely related to economic development, will certainly show a booming opportunity in the region, especially for packaging paper and household paper. Relevant industries must thoroughly understand the far-reaching impact of this strategy on domestic industry adjustment and going global, and seize the opportunity to further promote domestic equipment to the international market.