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How to choose toilet paper making machine?

Dec 31, 2020

How to choose toilet paper making machine?

We all need to use toilet paper, facial tissues, napkins, hand towels, etc. in daily life. There are many processing equipment for household paper, such as toilet paper machine, napkin machine, facial tissue machine, hand towel machine, jumbo roll tissue slitting machine, log saw, soft facial tissue packaging machine, etc.

Generally, it is classified according to the different types of processing household paper. For example, the equipment for processing toilet paper includes: toilet paper rewinder, band saw paper cutter and sealing machine. This is the general equipment, and the better equipment is: toilet paper rewinding machine. Log saw paper cutter and automatic packaging machine. Generally, a set of equipment is needed for toilet paper roll processing.

You need to make these preparations when purchasing equipment:

First, we need to do market research to see what the hot-selling toilet paper products in the local area look like and what is the craftsmanship?

Second, after determining the product and process, find the raw material supplier and determine the width of the jumbo roll.

Third, after determining the width of the toilet paper jumbo roll, find the equipment manufacturer according to the jumbo roll width, and tell the equipment manufacturer what you know: the width and diameter of the jumbo roll, the product condition (such as: how many layers, do you need embossing or no, how to pack and other informations), if you don’t know the product process, you can provide sample pictrues for reference.

        Finally, I hope you can purchase satisfactory equipment and everything goes smoothly!

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