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How to choose a good diaper

Oct 10, 2016

  In the selection of diapers when parents should compare external to diapers, picking the right diaper, this will play a diaper baby should play a role in the size must be in shape. Diaper size can be divided into primary, small, medium, large, increasing 5. Parents must pay attention to whether your baby's body, particularly the legs and waist elastic slot cannot be too tight, or you will hurt your baby's skin. Remind Mommy, diaper sizes and sometimes are not necessarily exactly the same, may vary with the different manufacturer brands. Therefore, parents may wish to refer to the numbers outside of the packaging.

  Extravasation of urine leak-proof design prevents the baby. When the baby a lot of urine, and even just changing the diaper, urine may leak out on both sides. In this way, stained baby clothes, crying babies are just as uncomfortable. Leak-proof design diaper inner thigh raise the hem and waist, leakproof ruffles, baby when too much can effectively prevent leakage of urine.

  Adhesive function better. Use stickers to be close to the diapers, and unlock the diaper can repeat after pasting, even baby and jumped up, nor loosen, fall off.