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How is toilet paper made?

Sep 21, 2018

The production process: the waste paper enters the hydraulic pulper, the hydraulic pulper performs the beating and deinking of the waste paper, and the pulp after the beating and deinking flows into the pulp pool; the pulp is pumped from the pulp pool into the high frequency vibrating screen by the pulping pump The high-frequency vibrating screen plays the role of screening the separation of the impurities; after screening, it flows into the slurry pool, and then is pumped into the rinsing machine by the slurry pump, the function is to clean the pulp and bleach; after bleaching, it automatically flows into the slurry pool; The pulper is ground into a fine slurry after refining, and then automatically flows into the slurry tank and then is pumped into the sedimentation plate by the slurry pump. The function of the sedimentation plate is to separate the impurities such as sand ash and precipitate it, and then make the pure slurry, and then the sand removal pump. Lifting into the solidification tank, the function of the solidification tank is to adjust the concentration of the slurry, and then automatically flow into the mesh tank, and then the pulp from the net cage blanket enters the drying cylinder. (The drying cylinder is used for drying) and then enters the finished roll paper. After the roll paper enters the rewinding machine, the function of the rewinding is to perform the rewinding and embossing function. It is re-rolled into small rolls from large rolls, and then enters the slitting machine. The function of the slitting machine is to cut and cut, and the different specifications are long and short, and then packaged into finished products. (Note: The boiler acts as a hot gas and is sent to the dryer to dry the paper)