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Germany paper market downturn or by the Asian paper is too strong

Oct 10, 2016

   In September, Germany's demand for fine paper in the recovery. However, observers agreed that the real driving force is still missing. Manufacturer according to the information provided, June-August shipments declining drastically over the previous year. This order weakness lasting until September. According to industry estimates, the real increase in demand would probably never occur until October.

   In the context of coated woodfree paper, A4 size paper products are struggling with fierce competition from overseas, Germany market have been hit especially hard. Respondents believe that suppliers in Asia has made great efforts to enter the European market, have increased their market share this year.

   Germany previously released statistics of paper and pulp Association, first half of the year, Germany almost 11.3 million tons of paper and pulp yield, rose 1.1%, sales were flat, a slight increase of 0.5%. Domestic sales and export a big gap between the two. Among them, the domestic sales of 6.3 million tons, an increase of 3%; exported 5.1 million tons, down 2.4%. Foreign exports significantly reduce the 9.8% of the other Member States of the European Union.

   Germany is Europe's largest economy and fourth largest global GDP and GDP's fifth largest country. After the period of the industrial revolution, Germany has been a pioneer in the increasingly globalized economy, innovation and beneficiaries. With its 2012 1.516 trillion dollars of exports, Germany is the world's third-largest exporter. Exports accounted for more than one-third of the national output. Germany is rich in timber resources, 29.1% of the total industry contribution to GDP, particularly in the automobile, machinery, metals and chemicals. Global industry and paper, leading the Voith group is Germany enterprise.