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Diapers, how to use

Oct 10, 2016
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                   Diapers, how to useļ¼Ÿ

   Using the diaper for that part of the skin, healthy skin should be dry. Wet skin soon becomes brittle, and prone to diaper rash. In order to minimize the diaper caused by wet, should changes diapers often and using a absorbent diapers. If you give your baby to use cloth diapers, you should always check and replace the diaper.

   Vaseline oil, zinc oxide ointment or diaper rash cream will also help protect the skin, not under the influence of moisture. Baby powder may cause your baby's skin is very comfortable, but not best suited for babies. Baby powder can be reduced within a short time diaper friction between the skin with the child, but once they are wet (kids will wet it! ), It is no use. Your baby may even be breathing in a lot of powder, it will be very dangerous.

   As the child grows, diapers will gradually reduce changeover times, ten times a day on average at the start, gradually reduced to six. Generally in each feeding before or after and after every bowel movement to change diapers. There is before you go to sleep when the children were still awake when he/she changes diapers. In you take the children before going out should also be changing diapers.

   When changing the diaper, you should prepare a clean diaper on hand!

   Diaper rash cream or Vaseline oil

   A small bowl of warm water and a soft towel!

   Must be started before everything is ready, never leave your baby alone on the replacement bench! 

   First take off the wet diaper. If wet, for one, do not have to clean the genital area. If diapers or contaminated with stool should be clean and warm water to the child's buttocks with a towel. No need to use SOAP, unless your child has diarrhea, only use water to wash clean. If necessary, use soft SOAP (even flexible SOAP will be children important natural skin oil dissolve away). Then, apply ointment or vaseline, put on a clean diaper.