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Diaper phase select

Oct 10, 2016

Little baby (0-5 months): comfort and softness
Baby diapers breathable baby no stimulation just came into this world, mobility is relatively low, so comfort and softness become mother choose diapers priority focus. Baby diaper requirements: diapers thin breathable baby after discharge, parents changing diapers must be timely, so as to avoid red buttocks and diaper rash. However, many newborn babies excrete is not regular, new parents are hard to master, so when in the selection of diapers, it will not only pay attention to the thickness and water absorption strength, but rather against your baby's skin, and seasonal features, select a lightweight breathable diaper for him.

Nourishing protective layer high quality diapers will add in the non-woven layer of natural skin care ingredients, forming a soft protective layer containing emollients, not only smooth, soft and comfortable to the touch, but also can effectively isolate absorb urine to avoid stimulating your baby's skin and the protective layer can also play to the moisturizing.

Crawl (6-12 months): fit and considerate
Baby grows the scope of activities is growing, he learned to sit, lean forward, and want to take your toys and play with you, at this time, you have to consider him a better suited to his diaper.
Leak-proof design

Baby activities, if unreasonable design of diapers, it is likely to leak occurs, side leakage phenomenon. Good diapers can be safely separated from the urine and stool and allow the baby to relax and explore the world.

Free stickers design
Diaper MOM and this design is convenient to adjust tightness of fit waist size of the baby, this is propaganda, many traders focus. This time baby, he needs diapers fit considerate, make him more comfortable.