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Development of Pulp and Paper Machinery Equipment

Sep 09, 2019

Development of Pulp and Paper Machinery Equipment

At present, China's pulp and paper equipment manufacturing industry is entering a new stage of structural adjustment, industrial upgrading and innovation-driven development. With the papermaking industry entering the strategic transformation period of deep adjustment, the peak period of large-scale importation of foreign advanced equipment has passed.

With the continuous improvement of the role and position of investment and production factor cost in future competition, the demand for cost-effective, advanced, applicable and reliable domestic equipment is more and more urgent, which provides a huge market demand space for the development of pulp and paper equipment manufacturing industry. Therefore, the equipment manufacturing industry should seize the rare development opportunities and make efforts from four aspects to vigorously implement the high-end strategy and continuously improve its competitiveness.

Firstly, we should adhere to the development strategy of combining socialized mass production with specialized cooperation, strengthen the integration of manufacturing resources, form a modern industrial cluster structure with mainframe as the leader and many specialized enterprises, and resolutely overcome the persistent problems of large, whole, small and all. To achieve coordinated development, win-win cooperation and prevent internal disorderly competition.

At present, the world has put forward a new "distributed" manufacturing mode, which organically links decentralized individuals, design resources and individual needs. Through the "integration-decentralization" model, the individual customization can be realized while cost control and timely delivery are determined. The characteristics of "distribution" mode are "crowdsourcing", "crowdsourcing" and "crowdsourcing".

Second, we should make clear our orientation, vigorously promote the differentiation strategy, aim at the advanced international level, adhere to the "international standards, local advantages" strategy, and adhere to the high-end, go global and international development strategy.

Third, we should accelerate the gathering of innovative elements such as technology, talents and funds, accelerate the construction of key laboratories for qualified enterprises, make them the source of enterprises'innovative ability and the core of enterprises' competitiveness, and promote and enhance enterprises'competitiveness. Joint treatment of key basic components.

Fourthly, we should take two paths of deep integration of modernization with Chinese characteristics, strengthen integration and innovation, digest, absorb and re-innovation, and provide complete sets of technology and equipment for outsourcing by taking DCS system and control system as breakthroughs.