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Development History of Paper Machinery and Equipment (I)

Sep 10, 2019

Development History of Paper Machinery and Equipment (I)

China's paper industry is developed, and there are many paper mills. It is said that the paper industry has also become a world famous rich man. What is the use of lubricating equipment in the paper industry? First of all, we need to know about paper machinery.

Papermaking machinery is a kind of machine, which includes raw material preparation, pulping process, papermaking process, until the roll or plate products, as well as process paper and cardboard.

Paper is one of the four great inventions in ancient China. As early as 105 years ago, Cai Lun summarized the experience of papermaking with hemp fibers since the Western Han Dynasty, and improved the papermaking technology with bark, hemp head, rags and old fishnet as raw materials.

It was introduced into Europe after papermaking. In the early 18th century, the emergence of Dutch beaters changed the beating process, which was an important step in the mechanization of paper making. In 1798, Robert, a Frenchman, obtained a patent for a hand-made endless web paper machine funded by Neil Brothers in Foxford, England. In 1803, British technician Tang Jin improved into continuous paper. Long screen paper machine, and in 1805, the successful production of paper; 1809, Dickinson Company in the United Kingdom trial production of circular screen paper machine.

In the field of material preparation and pulping, Peter began cooking old cotton in pots in Germany in 1839; Keller invented wood fiber pulp in 1843, which took ten years to improve; Hamburg and the United States made wood pulp and pulp in 1851; Tillman invented a sulfite pulp in 1857. Technology; In 1884, Dalton, a German chemist, invented the kraft pulping technology. These inventions opened up a way to use wood as the main raw material for paper making. By the beginning of the 20th century, papermaking machinery has become a large-scale, high-yield industrial machinery.

Since the 1950s, there have been many developments and innovations in papermaking machinery. For example, the preparation of pulping equipment, there are vertical continuous steamer, displacement scrubber, hot grinding, new pressure screen and slag remover; paper machine has new headbox, gripper, compound machine, polyester forming net, etc.

Sixty years later, SCR speed regulation system with DC motor is widely used in paper machine. Electronic technology is used to detect, control and record the parameters of paper making process, such as machine speed, material concentration, temperature, flow rate, paper width dryness, quantity and thickness. By the 1980s, a large vertical continuous pulper could produce 1 350 tons of pulp per day. The door width of the pulper could reach 10 meters, the speed exceeded 1000 meters per minute, and the daily output exceeded 500 tons.

According to the technological process of pulping and papermaking, papermaking machinery can be divided into three categories: raw material pulping equipment, papermaking machine and finishing machinery.

According to the requirements of cooking or pulping process, the equipment for pretreatment and processing of papermaking raw materials before cooking or pulping is divided into non-wood fiber equipment and wood fiber equipment. Equipment. The former has a cutting machine, a cutting machine and a sugarcane desizing machine, while the latter has a peeling machine and so on.