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Design parameters of small papermaking machinery and equipment

Sep 13, 2019

Design parameters of small papermaking machinery and equipment

The design parameters of small papermaking machinery are mainly determined by the following basic data.

1 Basic data representing the production capacity and adaptability of paper machines

The main technical characteristics of the paper machine's production capacity and adaptability range are the width of screen paper, working speed, adjusting range, forming part, pressing part and drying cadres.

2 Basic data representing the performance and structure of each component of a paper machine

In order to improve the standardization, serialization and universality of the design and manufacture of paper machine, the main structural data of each part of paper machine should also be included in the design parameters of paper machine. These structural data include the size of rollers and the technical characteristics of the surface layer, the size and quantity of the panel, the size and quantity of the drying drum, the gauge of each component, the bearing distance and so on.

3 Data representing the outline of the paper machine

Data representing the shape of the paper machine, such as the length, total mass of the whole machine, the calculated height of the self-rail surface, the bottom height, the total installed power of the transmission system, etc., show the technical and economic indicators of PAP. ER machine, such as area, space volume, unit production capacity, body quality and power consumption, is also a number that can not be ignored.