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Construction of sanitary napkins

Oct 10, 2016

Health structure can be divided into the surface layer of cotton, absorbent core and the bottom layer and each layer with hot-melt adhesive bonding

Surface is part of the direct contact with the skin, the material must be soft, surface texture and indentation determines the absorption of blood and no leakage effect. PE perforated film surface and cotton surface is the most commonly used of the two materials, surface design with micro-holes of the PE, menstrual blood is not easy to go back to, and make users feel dry, but the hard material, some users will cause allergic reactions; consumers with sensitive skin, please choose carefully. Thanks to the improved cotton absorbent design, 2001 market share after catching up with PE surface the tampon.

Inner layer is mainly cotton, non-woven fabric, paper pulp or more material compound of polymers and polymer formed by water absorption factor, to absorb the flow of blood. Side design is mainly used to prevent side leakage, and sanitary napkin body presents an angle when used, friction and groin more easily, so use a soft material to the side of the tampon is favored by women. Tampon gum is impermeable materials, can keep the blood in tampons, in 70-80 's grown out of sticky-back plastic, tampon will be fixed on the panties.