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Common problems and solutions when purchasing toilet paper processing equipment

Mar 21, 2019

Toilet paper is an indispensable daily necessities in our life, and the demand is getting bigger and bigger. Many friends want to buy toilet paper processing equipment to produce toilet paper in their own homes. Because they don't understand the toilet paper processing industry, they can't start when purchasing toilet paper processing equipment. In order to make friends who want to work in the toilet paper industry buy satisfactory toilet paper equipment, today we will discuss in detail how to choose a satisfactory toilet paper processing equipment among many paper processing machinery factories! First, the common problem: the material is shoddy

Some manufacturers do thin machine body, unstable operation, mature technical department, inferior parts, often used to fill up,

Solution: Body parts inspection

The use of thicker steel in sanitary paper processing equipment can reduce the vibration amplitude of the rewinding machine while improving the service life of the rewinding machine. Jinxu Paper Machinery produces toilet paper rewinding machine using 20mm wallboard and the height of the ejecting frame. Both are 1.2 meters high, stable in the operation of the machine, low failure rate!

Second, the common problem: use the price to disrupt the market

Chinese people like to buy whatever they want, and they like to buy the best things at the lowest price. The manufacturer is catching the heart of such a customer. The asking price is very low. Then, you should pay attention to the price. Low, the cost of doing equipment is naturally low, the machine configuration is low, so the price is relatively low, there are often big problems in the process of use, small problems continue, let the machine repair all day, can be said to regret it!

Solution: buy equipment can not only look at the price

If the same equipment is very different in the market, there must be some trickiness, so we should not put the price in the first place when purchasing toilet paper processing equipment, because in many cases, the equipment with the same price is not necessarily the same quality, so it must be Remember the hard truth of one point price!

Third, common problems: search for consumption

We want to buy a good toilet paper processing equipment, search on Baidu: "toilet paper processing equipment", there will be many equipment manufacturers, this time we may write down the price, ask some information, leave a call, but very few people But there is no in-depth understanding of the manufacturer's equipment!

In short, we should shop around when we look at equipment. We should pay attention to equipment quality, configuration, automation, and safety. These are the most important. Don’t just look at the price. Just follow the above tips. I believe you must Will buy satisfactory toilet paper processing equipment!