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High Speed Jumbo Roll Slitting Rewinder (1200m/min.)


Latest Innovative Technologies on High Speed Jumbo Roll Slitting Rewinder

-High Precisive Calender


The calendering roller adopts imported material from Japan, eliminate stresses naturally after sun-scorched and rain-drenched, the material attributes became more stable, and then process it by fine finishing, it achieves the highest precision in China, the result of our single calendering is even better than the result of double calendring of our competitors in China

-The density of finished roll is visible and controllable


The density of inner, middle and outer of finished roll are the same and visible on the touch screen by adopting pneumatic proportional valve, the application of the controlling technology of rider roll pressure curve and finished roll uniform rotation, so that the plumpness of packaging of facial tissue, handkerchief tissue are the same (from unwinding to rewinding)

-The control of the slitting face evenness of the finished rolls


Adopting special paper feeding device, paper and bottom cutter base are in cornerite, the paper won’t move to the left or right; cutter base are with multi-knife edge and all the rollers are with air exhauster, so that the slitting face evenness up to±0.5mm, less than the industry standard of±1mm

-Available to slit lining paper of baby diaper, min. slitting width up to 65mm


The arch rise of curve roller is adjustable, and the surface of rewinding roller is processed by special technology, so that can easily to cut the small width of lining paper roll, rate of final product up to 98%+

-Intelligent energy recycling system


High efficient and energy saving: the wire connection adopts common DC bus, and with uprated energy feedback unit, so that can feedback the electric current engendered when the motors are braked to power grid, this technology will be the trend in the future

-Full automation, with 15% efficiency more than other machines


One key to complete pushing out the finished rolls, loading paper cores, tail trimming, rewinding the next roll automatically; hydraulic finished roll discharger unload the finished rolls automatically, the work for labor only to weight and wrap the rolls, you may buy weighing machine, wrapping machine to complete the automatic line.