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Frictioning Type Glue Laminator is a latest improvement for glue lamination, which is mostly applied to hand towel machine and paper napkin machine etc.

Advantages: Applicating glue evenly, and saving glue 

Multifold Hand Towel Machine.jpgFrictioning Type Glue Laminator.jpgBackstands (New Type).jpg
Multifold Hand Towel Machine 

Frictioning Type Glue Laminator

Backstands (New Type)

Paper Napkin Machine.jpgFrictioning Type Glue Laminator.jpgFree Adjustment Backstand (New Type).jpg
Paper Napkin MachineFrictioning Type Glue LaminatorFree Adjustment Backstand (New Type)

Finished products made by our machines:  

(hand towel paper with glue lamination)