Toilet Roll And Tissue Paper Converting Machine

1.Machine model:TZ-FJ-BF-1092
2.Machine speed:180~208 m/min

Product Details

Toilet Roll and Tissue Paper Converting Machine

toilet roll and tissue paper converting machine

Main Features:

l Automatic paper cores loading and positioning, automatic pushing out finished logs, any size of cores can work on it;

l Automatic toilet paper tail trimming, gluing and sealing: 10-18mm long tails for easy pulling out;

l With high precision screwy perforating blades: 2~4 perforating blades to make clear perforation;

Main Parameters:

Machine Model


Parent Roll   Width


Parent Roll   Diameter

Φ 1200mm (other sizes can be   customized)

Finished Roll   Diameter

Φ 60~150mm (tightness adjustable)

Inner Core   Diameter of Finished Roll

Φ 20~50 mm

Inner Core   Diameter Parent Roll

Φ 3”/76.2mm (other sizes can be customized)

Perforation   Pitch

4 perforating blades 90~160mm, 2   perforating blades 180~320mm(customized)


Design   speed: 180~208 m/min; operation speed: 0~190m/min.

Parameter   Setting

HMI   (LCD screen operation panel)

Programming   Controller


Glue   Laminator

Embossing glue applying system, driven by servo motors,   embossing pattern is customized


Electronic and air pressure control

Pneumatic   System

3HP air compressor, mini. pressure 5kg/cm2Pa (prepared by users)

Finished   Products Sheets Control

Increase gradually till reach the set diameter


8200 x (1600~4500) x 2300mm (depend on model and   configuration)


Depends on model and configuration

Unwinding Stands

1~3 for 1~3 parent rolls (customized)

Finished products:


Seaworthy Packing(on wooden pallet, wrapped with moisture-proof film)


Ther clauses & terms:

Sinowise Machinery is known as one of the leading toilet roll and tissue paper converting machine manufacturers and suppliers in China. With the aid of advanced equipment and quality imported raw materials, we are able to offer you excellent quality toilet roll and tissue paper converting machine which comes in high accuracy, reliable performance, and easy maintenance.
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