TZ-AD-150/300 Full Automatic Adult Diaper Machine

This machine is to make Adult Diapers, as we know nowadays the aging problem is getting more serious in the world

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Sinowise Machinery is known as one of the leading TZ-AD-150/300 Full Automatic Adult Diaper Machine manufacturers and suppliers in China. With the aid of advanced equipment and quality imported raw materials, we are able to offer you excellent quality TZ-AD-150/300 Full Automatic Adult Diaper Machine which comes in high accuracy, reliable performance, and easy maintenance.

TZ-AD-150/300 Full Automatic Adult Diapers Manufacturing Machines

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Dear friends, welcome to visit our machine page, this is Mr. Steven Zhou, the chief engineer of this Adult Diaper Making Machine, let us see something about this machine together:

This machine is to make Adult Diapers, as we know nowadays the aging problem is getting more serious in the world, the demand of adult diapers is becoming bigger, that brings us a good business;

As a full automatic machine, it is with PLC controlling system, and large LCD touch screen, easy for operation, can set the parameters on it, it shows you the working status, like how many diapers made per shift, how many defectives, and will display the error’s information once breakdowns happen to guide the operator to sort the problems out;

There are three sizes of diapers can be made by this machine by changing the cutting tools, running speed can be controlled by inverter or servo depends on your personalized requests, the good design of process flow, good finishing of parts achieve the smooth running, less breakdowns……

How to build a good factory to make good quality adult diapers with competitive price?

Firstly, you should have a good quality machine can run stably with high rate of final products, this is a factor to get the cost down;

Secondly, you should have a good source of raw materials supply with low price;

Thirdly, you should have good management, especially good operators is very important, which is one of factors affect the rate of final products;

Our professional team can help you with the above three key points;

The full package of service we provide: layout of machine and your workshop, help to make erection, commissioning, and train the workers etc.

Please come to us, Sinowise Solutions-DaCoo Group is the one who can help you to build the good factory and make a prosperous future for you.


Main Parameters:

Machine Model


Production Capacity

150~300pcs/minute (M size)

Depend on the final configuration

Diaper Size

L. M. S

Power Supply

380V 50Hz, 3phase

Installation Power Capacity


Air Consumption


Qualified Rate


PLC, Touch Screen




Dimensions (L×W×H)

25~335× 6~12 × 3~4.5m

Optional Process Configurations:

l  Aloe/perfume application unit

l  Gravimetric SAP dosing unit

l  Full servo auto stacker

l  Camera quality detection unit


For more technical details, pictures, and video please contact us…


Aftersales Service: we will send engineers / technicians to make commissioning at buyer’s factory, train the works well, and also supply the technical support for free and spare parts at good price always

Guarantee Period: one year. During the Warrantee period, the seller Guarantee to solve all problems may occur due to machine's quality or wrong design, and to provide all necessary spare parts for repair, Seller can send the Technician to Buyer's factory on seller's account if problem is serious and can't be solved by Buyer.

Payment Terms: T/T & LC

Lead Time: 90~120 working days

Packing: in seaworthy wooden case


Yours Sincerely,


Mr. Steven Zhou

Chief Engineer

Sinowise Solutions,

DaCoo Group



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